Elstead Academy

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About the Academy

The backbone of our Academy is from last year's Elstead u18s. They've combined with a few of their friends and some local players to create a new team. They're a great group that clearly enjoy their football.

The Academy play in the Youth to Adult Transition Division of the Guildford and Woking Alliance Football League.



Greg Sudell

Greg Sudell


Greg managed Elstead u18s last year, and has continued that role this year as the squad morphed into Elstead FC Academy. Greg is a handly footballer himself and continues to play vets football.

Fei McCabe

Fei McCabe

Assistant Manager

Fei has helped managed the team for a few years and was delighted that he could switch to playing with the squad this year. He's now Greg's assistant manager as well as a regular for the team.

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